HBCU Transformation

Many African-American students attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities in order to have the black college experience, and despite the recent issues that some schools have recently had, HBUCs saw record growth these last few years with applications on the rise. Interestingly enough, this rise in applications is thanks in large part to more white and minority students interested in attending, resulting in African-American students no longer being the majority on some HBCU campuses, much to the dismay of traditionalists.

Today, besides being attracted by many of the benefits of attending an HBCU, another reason many want to attend is safety, claiming that the current political climate has given rise to racial unrest and large numbers of minority students are finding themselves gravitating towards an environment where they feel better understood and protected.

Regardless of the reason, HBCUs continue to provide one of the best educational ‘bang’s for your buck’ with strong academic programs at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, low student/teacher ratios, top-notch sports teams, active alumni associations, and affordable tuition, to name but a few.

Today there are over 100 HBCU colleges and universities offering students of all racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds a college education with tuition and fees starting at under $30,000, considerably lower than the average private 4-yr school. For only $35, students can submit the commonblackcollegeapp and apply to any of the 50 HBCU member schools.

A college education can be had by any student at an affordable price. Start your future today!