Financial Advice for High School Graduates

Financial awareness is an area in which many recent high school graduates are not always sufficiently prepared. If this sounds like your child, please make sure to teach your children proper financial responsibilities before they head off to college. You’ll be glad you did!

The New York Times recently published an article that covers useful information on budgets, banking, credits card use, and mobile payments, in addition to many other things. If medical help is needed, does your child have a copy of their health card in their wallet? Also, make sure that your incoming college freshman knows their social security number by heart.

Lastly, sit down with your child and have an honest conversation about the cost of their college eduction. If they helped you fill out the FAFSA then they are already aware of the costs involved. If not, they are now ready to see the financial side of going to college and the corresponding debt that will undoubtedly begin to build up. One exercise that never fails to register with students is calculating how much it costs should they decide to skip a class in college.

College Apps Made Easy would like to congratulate all the high school seniors who will be graduating this month. Its a very exciting time for these students!